Ep. #2: Greg Jarrett on Finding a Business Idea, Founder Institute, and Sharing the Journey


"When things get tough...The only person who is truly going to understand it is you or your partner or your co-founder or whoever you shared the business problems with and the challenges. So the responsibility there is on is on me the founder to involve that person and share everything with them along that journey" - Greg Jarrett

This episode's guest is Greg Jarrett, who is the founder and CEO of STACK.aero, which develops cloud-based solutions typically powered by the Salesforce Platform for aviation and logistics companies.

Greg has worked as a charter salesperson all over the world, before turning software developer for the business aviation community, and he’s passionate about helping business aircraft operators stay at the front of the technology curve.

Greg and I are both graduates of the Founder Institute, though he went through the program in Sydney, Australia, while I went through Montreal, Canada, and we share a passion for bringing technology to business aviation.  In this chat we get into how he originally got into aviation, his pivot to developing software, and his experience starting his own business.


Where you can find Greg

Twitter | LinkedIn | STACK.aero

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Show notes

  • Greg's thoughts on why CrossFit is so popular, and the role it plays in his life [1:39]

  • Where Greg grew up (we discover a Canadian connection too) [7:06]

  • Greg's first job in aviation, and why he decided to take a year away from school after finishing high school [9:07]

  • How Greg got into private charter, and what he studied in university [15:07]

  • Why Greg prefers working in small companies [19:55]

  • Greg describes the journey from working in charter to deciding to start his own business through Founder Institute [27:26]

  • How Greg came up with the original business idea [34:14]

  • Greg describes his overall experience with the Founder Institute [43:36]

  • How Greg decided to shift his focus from his original product idea after testing it in the market [49:10]

  • Greg's description of his current product and some example uses for the charter aviation industry [54:36]

  • Greg's advice for startup founders on how to involve their partner/spouse effectively [1:01:49]

  • The book of books that have had a large impact on Greg recently [1:06:03]

  • How an apparent failure set Greg up for later success [1:07:23]

  • Greg's advice for motivated people entering the business aviation world [1:09:25]