Ep. #1: Dave Culligan on Finding Balance, Exploring Your Interests, and Making Something Every Day


"Anytime people are convincing you that you're not ready for something, you're better off just getting out there and figuring it out" - Dave Culligan

Dave is a 25-year-old filmmaker and digital strategist who was born, raised, and is now based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He studied Commerce at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, where he also played football.  After graduation, while working in marketing, he decided to kick off his 365 project, where he made a one-minute video every day for an entire year.

He’s built an Instagram following of over ten thousand people, videos that have over one hundred eighty thousand views, and is now one of the widest known figures in Halifax.

In this episode we get into his early motivation, mentorship, some things that are currently important in his life, like gratitude, and finally, the new project he’s going to be kicking off in 2018.  

Selected links from episode:

Where to find Dave: Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

Dave's new production company: threesixfive

Dave's short film - THE WAY I SEE IT

Books mentioned:

Show notes:

  • Dave talks about his little-known Japanese animated film interest [02:12]

  • Dave's experience in university and the realization he was interested in things besides football [06:40]

  • What Dave pursued after graduating university [10:34]

  • How Dave discovered video & vlogging and how he decided to make a video every day for a year [18:01]

  • The gear Dave uses for his videos, and why it doesn't matter [26:09]

  • We talk about Dave's short film THE WAY I SEE IT, negative attitudes, and why success in small cities like Halifax is beneficial for everyone [32:02]

  • Dave mentions a couple of the mentors and the role they've played in his development [39:16]

  • We talk about gratitude and a positive outlook, and how Dave cultivates both of those things in his life [47:22]

  • The role that biking and yoga play in Dave's life [50:50]

  • Dave describes what all his tattoos mean [55:44]

  • Dave talks about his new 365 project, and his new focuses for 2018 - brain, body and business [1:00:46]

  • Dave's favorite trip of the year [1:07:28]

  • The best hike in Nova Scotia [1:08:37]

  • The worst advice he sees in his industry [1:08:49]

  • A quote he thinks about often [1:09:50]

  • A few books that have influenced him recently [1:10:40]

  • Dave's advice for a smart, driven college student about to enter the real world [1:12:07]

Dave's tattoos: