My name is Graham Mann, and I'm currently working as a cofounder of Lean Systems.  You can usually find me in Nova Scotia, Montreal, or maybe New York. 

I went through Techstars NYC as part of Lean Systems, and I previously worked  as an Associate with Techstars Boston Spring 2016 cohort.  I was the co-founder of drone services marketplace startup Flystro, which was part of the Founder Institute Montreal 2015 cohort.  I graduated from McGill University in Montreal with my Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Mechanical).

I still lead the non-profit organization I founded called Sail All, whose mission is to bring sailing opportunities to youth in Canada, and we are currently expanding in Nova Scotia.

Previously, I worked teaching sailing, and then for the Canadian Coast Guard as part of their Inshore Rescue Boat Program for four years.  I played just about every sport growing up, and do my best to keep that up.  Lately I've been exploring more adventure sports - kiteboarding, windsurfing, diving - and have sky-dived and bungee jumped.

This is my blog, where I write primarily about the challenges of becoming, and being, a young entrepreneur, though you will likely find bits about life, Montreal, travel, learning, productivity, the Maritimes (Eastern Canada) and all sorts of other things spread throughout.

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